Official 1Win Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

Official 1Win Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

One of the major reasons for 1Win to be a trusted and most favored online gambling site is its easy payment options. For players who are always troubled with delayed withdrawals and complicated payment methods, 1Win solves all your problems.

1win provides all its users with convenient deposit and withdrawal options, making the payment process much easier. It is one of the few online casino sites that accept Rupees and Cryptocurrencies, making it a go-to platform for all Indian casino players. In this blog, we’ll cover all the popular payment methods provided by 1Win, along with their deposit and withdrawal limits.

  • 1Win Deposit methods

    1Win Deposit methods

    1Win is a worldwide popular bookmaker catering to online casino gamblers and sports bettors. With the most widely used casino payment methods across India, 1Win has become the most favored casino site for Indian casino players. In addition to them, 1Win also has other payment options as below:

    • Google Pay;
    • UPI;
    • Ethereum;
    • Tether;
    • Bitcoin;
    • Visa;
    • Paytm;
    • PhonePe.

    1win offers payment options like cryptocurrencies and net banking so players can easily fund their accounts with their preferred deposit method. With these secured payment options, players can quickly access their casino winnings.

  • How to Deposit at 1Win?

    How to Deposit at 1Win?

    Before tapping into your favorite casino games, funding your 1Win account with the deposit amount is a must. To deposit money into your gambling account successfully, follow the easy steps below:

    • Login into your 1Win account or register with a new account if you’re using the official 1Win website for the first time;
    • After you log in, find the deposit section of the 1Win website and click on the button to deposit your betting amount;
    • After you click on the deposit button, you’ll be able to see all the payment options available at 1Win. Choose the method that you prefer personally and proceed further;
    • Check the minimum deposit requirement and enter the amount suitable for you accordingly;
    • Double-check all the filled information and the amount specified, then confirm your transaction by clicking the confirm button.
  • 1Win Deposit Limits

    1Win Deposit Limits

    All online casinos have depositing limits that allow you to stabilize your gambling expenditures. Online casinos have both minimum and maximum deposit amounts that help you adjust your betting amount accordingly.

    At 1Win, you’ll find all the most popular payment methods with the lowest deposit limits compared to the other casino sites. But before funding your 1Win account, make sure you read all the requirements carefully.

    Deposit Method Minimum amount Maximum amount
    Google Pay 300 INR 50,000 INR
    UPI 300 INR 50,000 INR
    Ethereum 12,000 INR 258,450 INR
    Tether 7,500 INR 738,500 INR
    Bitcoin 4,900 INR 258,450 INR
    VISA 400 INR 73,850 INR
    Paytm 300 INR 70,000 INR
    PhonePe 300 INR 50,000 INR
  • 1Win Withdrawal Methods

    1Win Withdrawal Methods

    Once you play and win at your favorite casino game on 1Win, it’s time for you to cash out your winnings. For that, you need to know the 1Win withdrawal methods. Similar to the deposit methods, 1Win provides a wide selection of withdrawal methods for the players to cash out their winnings easily and conveniently. Some of them are listed below:

    • Skrill;
    • IMPS;
    • UPI;
    • VISA;
    • Payee;
    • Advcash;
    • Neteller;
    • Airtel;
    • Google Pay;
    • Bitcoin.

    With these popular and simple payment methods provided by 1Win, many Indian players will find it easy to play and bet on popular casino games and sports.

  • How to Withdraw Your Winnings at 1Win?

    How to Withdraw Your Winnings at 1Win?

    To process your winnings at 1Win, you need to follow the easy steps mentioned below:

    • Step 1 - Log in to your 1Win account with the correct username and password you used while funding your account;
    • Step 2 - Once logged in, go to the withdrawal section of the website and click on the “Withdrawal” button;
    • Step 3 - You can see multiple payment options in the withdrawal section. You are free to select whichever payment option that suits you the best;
    • Step 4 - You’ll be asked to enter the amount you wish to withdraw. Make sure you check the minimum withdrawal requirement;
    • Step 5 - Lastly, check all the details filled in and confirm your transaction. You’ll soon receive a notification of the successful transaction.
  • 1Win Withdrawal Limits

    1Win Withdrawal Limits

    Similar to the depositing limits, 1Win has withdrawal limits according to your chosen payment method. 1Win has different withdrawal limits for different platforms, ranging from the lowest to the highest limit, allowing players to select the most suitable method. Find the payment methods and withdrawal limits below:

    Withdrawal Method Minimum amount Maximum amount
    UPI 2000 INR 90,000 INR
    Indian Banks 1000 INR 50,000 INR
    VISA 100 INR 75,000 INR
    PhonePe 2000 INR 90,000 INR
    Advcash 10 INR 1,92,000 INR
    IMPS 2000 INR 90,000 INR
    Tether 4000 INR 6,50,000 INR
    Perfect Money 400 INR 738,500 INR

    However, the above details can change from time to time.

When it comes to 1Win deposits and withdrawal methods, knowing your options and their limits is a must. Whether you prefer the speed of e-wallets, the reliability of bank transfers, or the anonymity of cryptocurrencies, 1Win provides most of the preferred payment options.

Always prioritize security, convenience, and responsible gambling practices as you transact with 1Win. So, explore your options and make well-informed decisions to enhance your betting experience on 1Win India.